Really nice hotels

Which of these statements is not true?

Really nice 4 star hotels have:

  1. a multipage menu available 24 hours a day.
  2. have an LG plasma tv in the room.
  3. have cleverly placed outlets next to the bed, so you don’t have to unplug a lamp to use/charge your laptop while sitting up in bed.
  4. can be reserved during the week in downtown Chicago for $85 / night.
  5. have hotel wide wifi, instead of some stupid cable that requires you to sit at the desk and use the net.
  6. are pre-warmed when you walk into them to a comfortable room temperature.
  7. have 1L bottles of Evian for $5.95 placed suggestively in three places around the hotel room.

If your guess was #4, sorry.  It’s #6, my room is freezing.  But I don’t have any complaints about the Hotel Intercontinental here in Chicago, I got a great deal with my standard $85 bid for a 4 star hotel, and I’m thrilled.  Somewhere my corporate Controller and my business partners are smiling.