My poker career

While on business in DC this week I found out that my favorite underground room (which I will never name here) has started a mixed limit game three nights a week. (While I was at the game, I won a boot.) This is some sort of heaven.  It’s $8/$16 rounds of Hold’em and Omaha/8, two games I’m good at.  That won’t help me, but maybe if I find myself back here sometime, I can catch that game.

A poker colleague of mine who’s honing his game with the same dedication as me recently told me about a buddy who took 7th in the WSOP this past year.  That, plus a few other wins has resulted in some sponsorship deals.  His clothing sponsors call him once or twice a month and ask him which tournaments he’d like to play, up to a buyin of about $10,000.  He pays his airfare and hotel, they pay the buyin.  That’s the life!  While I’m not so pompous as to announce that I’ll have a sponsorship deal win ten years, this is definately something I’d like to work towards.

I’m still aiming to play every day, and most months I only miss a day or two.  I’ve decided to put some tournament poker back into my practice mix.  This is easy since my online casino gives me some free credits for tournaments that I have just been accumulating.  This will be fun too, and of course, I need to constantly change my practice regime if I want to avoid boredom setting in.

(I can’t wait to post my poker cash game numbers for 2007 in January.)