Soon, all my posts will be in the category ‘Life’

That is until I’m dead.  I’ll have Sarah make a category called "Death" and post something from ‘beyond the grave’ (cue scary music).

I just caught this headstone created by Peter Schipperheyn (link to piece vitals and artist website) that a woman had commissioned for her husband’s grave.  I find these extravagant expressions of love hit very close to home, though opulence doesn’t seem to be a factor for me.  In Pakistan I saw entire buildings with tiny inlaid work that Moghul emperors created for their wives, and never had as strong of a reaction as I had to this headstone.  Here’s a link to a few more photos of it.  The headstone (and it’s owner Laurence Matheson) reside in Mt. Macedon Cemetary, Mt. Macedon, Victoria, Australia.