Apparently Fake Steve Jobs is still brilliant.

When hunky NY Times reporter Brad Stone unmasked Fake Steve Jobs, the faux blog took a bit of a nosedive in quality and I stopped reading.

Recently a friend who works at Apple pointed me at this column after an evening discussion, fueled by red meat and decent wine, about how I thought that Google is just not succeeding in innovating like it ought to.  The column is a bitch slap about Google’s response to the iPhone being just an "alliance" announcement.  My favorite quote:

Think of what a customer wants. When you’re redoing your kitchen, and
you’re choosing appliances, do you go out looking for some consortium
devoted to food temperature management and environmental control
technology? No. You go looking for a refrigerator. And you look for the
coolest, best-looking, best-designed refrigerator, made by a company
that put loads of effort and genius into making something mindblowing.
That’s why iPhone has taken off. Because it’s beautiful. It’s amazing.
It works. It restores a sense of childlike wonder to people’s lives. It
wasn’t made by a consortium. It couldn’t be created by a committee. It
is the product of one vision, one man, one genius — that would be me
— with, to be sure, a bit of help from a few other people who played
minor roles.

Needless to say, I’m subscribed to FakeSteveJobs again.