Rapid response skills online

If you follow the Google zeitgeist you know that major news events follow a familiar pattern online:

  1. The news event breaks;
  2. People rush to their computers to search for news about the event;
  3. People start buying domain names related to the event to attract quick ad traffic revenue; and
  4. The funny tshirts start coming out.

Last week when Steve Jobs announced that all existing iPhones would have a $200 price drop, anger from people who dropped $500 or more on their iPhone got pissed.  Competing phone vendor Nokia responded with online advertising to try and capture the anger and move them towards Nokia mobile content by placing Google AdWords on phrases like "iphone price drop".

Modern day communications professionals should take note of this technique, and feel comfortable doing it in their sleep.  Get yourself an AdWords account and learn how to do this yourself, or call Mindshare to have us help you do it.

UPDATE: Apple marketers have outpaid Nokia for this traffic, and now two different ads are showing up.  One from Nokia, and one from Apple.  This is the kind of bidding war in which only Google wins.