Giving USA’s 2006 fundraising report

Giving USA released their 2006 fundraising report this past week.  It’s a mixed bag for non-profits, which means you really need to read it.  Overall giving has risen by about 1% average across the board, but that losses in some areas were masked by gains in others.   I encourage you to subscribe to it and benchmark your own organization’s performance.  Some key findings:

  1. Overall giving rose about 1%.
  2. Gifts to human services, health, and international relief and aid organizations dropped by anywhere from 2%-9%!
  3. Gifts to arts, public society, environmental, and educational organizations rose by anywhere from 2% to 10%!
  4. Individual contributions were up by 4.4%, while corporate giving is down by 7.6%.

This in-depth report is a "must read".  Go to Giving USA and order it here.  The hardcover of this report is about $75 and if you can glean one extra $100 donation because of the insights in it, you’ve made your money back.