A brilliant Julia Child quote

So I turned 40 this year.  Also this year, a lot of friend’s parents (and my own) are wrestling with cancer.  Others are dealing with dying relatives and mysterious illnesses.  Several are grappling with the years of cumulative partying that are finally starting to take their toll.  I’ve started cutting risk averse behavior in order to make sure I’m around for my son.  I sold my motorcycles, cut down on my drinking, cut way back on the cigars, and recreationally partake a lot less.  If life were a marathon, I’m looking around and seeing people start to lag as we approach mile 20 (the Wall).

In the middle of this, I ran across an acquaintance whose current motto is:

"Life itself is the proper binge"

The quote is generally attributed to Julia Child, a woman who knew a few things about a life spent well.  I think that’s decent advice.