Second thoughts on Second Life

A lot of people that I thought should have known better rushed into Second Life thinking it was the next big thing.  I pooh-pooh’ed it, but others who thought they saw potential continued to run with the idea, both within my firm and elsewhere in the industry. 

(and now you know that I don’t have Founders syndrome or actually micro-manage anyone at Mindshare, since we had people out there talking about Second Life despite my opinion that it was a stupid idea)

Finally someone at the LA Times wrote the article that will burst the Second Life Bubble.

"There’s not a compelling reason to stay," said Brian McGuinness, vice
president of Aloft, a brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
Inc. that is closing its Second Life shop and donating its virtual land
to the nonprofit social-networking group TakingITGlobal.

Apart from the obvious problems of normal human beings not wanting to live their lives in a virtual world, the world itself is overvalued for population.  Advertising in World of Warcraft would get you more audience share.