Ballot initiatives on the West Coast

I’m closely following the initiatives in California heading into the 2007 primary and 2008 general election.  Though not as busy as the sunshine state, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon do it too.

The summary?  Community college funding is on the ballot, along with measures to segregate transportation funding and funding for regional high speed rail.  A new term limits measure is having its signatures counted as we speak.  In the next 18 months many advocates are trying to get some form of gay marriage measure and an eminent domain measure on the ballot as well.

And of course I wrote this three days ago, so it’s already out of date.  An initiative to oppose tribal gaming slot machine expansion is starting the process as well, having just submitted materials to the Secretary of State for petition language approval.  If you’re a Native American with a brand new agreement with the Governor, you should be pissed.

It’s a busy time, and I’m here to help make life simple for you.  I’ve prepared spreadsheets tacking the ballot measures already qualified in WA, NV, and OR, and I’m tracking qualified and circulating measures in California.  Take a look and see if your organization’s cause, or your clients’ causes are affected.

  • California ballot report [PDF]
  • Oregon ballot report [PDF]
  • Washington ballot report [PDF]
  • Nevada ballot report [PDF]