I say ‘half glass full!’

United managed to fly my dogs to me without injuring them!  Though I didn’t appreciate the 4 hour delay for mechanical difficulties, the dogs seemed to come through unscathed, and held it the entire way.  I had a friend Derick, who coincidentally was on the same plane.  I pointed out that he got to go to the bathroom, but the dogs didn’t, and that perhaps made him feel slightly better.

It was also nice because he took a cab from the baggage claim to the cargo terminal, and then I got to give him a ride home into San Francisco before taking the dogs home to San Jose.  Though the mechanical delay was a drag and possibly dangerous, I’m taking the fact that they arrived as a win!  My luck is changing!

Friends and fans have noted that March was a little rough for the Safdars, with one parent, Sarah, and Moishe all in the hospital.  I had been telling people that if I could stay out of a hospital during March, I’d be beating that wicked fate.

I’m proud to say I did it!  I found myself in an urgent care facility yesterday because Sarah and I had coughs that won’t go away, and the doctor decided we had something that required antibiotics.  But I noticed on the calendar that it was April 2nd!

Ha ha, I win!  In your face, Mistress Fate! 

Well we find out today if we won the house we bid on in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset area yesterday.  We think there were 8 offers, so if we get it we’ll be truly drinking from the statistically good end of the firehose.