Grinderman, a Nick Cave side project

I picked up a copy of the Nick Cave side project album, "Grinderman" on Rhapsody.  (Speaking of which, I’ve already downloaded so many albums this year on my Rhapsody subscription that I’ve far surpassed the recovery cost of the $225 player and the $15 / month all you can eat subscription price.  If I’d been buying this much music on iTunes or on CDs, I’d be broke.)

Grinderman reminds me of Iggy Pop’s musical journey for the last ten years.  Iggy Pop, not quite sure of where he is, is still making music.  His vocals and lyrics are front and center, as is the guitar, with a minimal amount of production.  He spits out lyrics which occasionally come out bitter and angry, but quite often sardonic and wry.  He’s entered a phase where you can only like him if you’re an Iggy Pop fan, and I think Nick Cave is in the same place.

My limited exposure to Nick Cave has been positive thus far, and the new album is more of the same, done better.  If you already like him, you’ll enjoy Grinderman.