Up and down, up and down.

Just when I think my job is boring, it gets exciting again.

I listened to the new Macy Gray album, it hasn’t really grown on my yet.  I’m really digging the Scissor Sisters though.  The new Modest Mouse is also not yet growing on me.

You can spend all your time making money

You can spend all your love making time

The Eagles should have written:

            You can spend all your time makin’ money
            You can spend all your money making time

I get to go home tomorrow!  Granted, I arrive at 1:40am (technically Saturday), but home I will be.  For a week.

Why did Sheryl Crow allow the director to make her look like Marilyn Manson in this video for "If it makes you happy" ?  She looks terrible.  Incidently, this could be the song about what it’s like being married to me.

"Bukowski" is my favorite Modest Mouse song.  It doesn’t appear on anyone’s top 10 list except Sarah’s, but then that just shows what good taste she has.

I bought my son a tiny Tigger stuffed animal.  I’ll carry it back to San Jose like it was a transplant organ.  I think he will love it.  The word "tiger" doesn’t appear enough in his everyday vocabulary.  How can he warn us about an attack of man-eating tigers if we don’t practice such a word?

These are the things I worry about when I’m in California.