…and then they bought us soup.

We had to hit the hospital for some tests for Moishe.  Nothing life threatening, but still the tests involved a trip to the OR, a camera and a tube stuck down our son’s throat for 24 hours, and a day and a half in the hospital.

Suddenly Sarah’s phone started ringing.  Our circle of friends came out and brought their own children, came and kept us company.  Another two of them called and said they were bringing us dinner, despite one of them still exhausted from a trip to SXSW.  (She’s the A&R person for a record label, so the trip is a lot of work)

The company was really unexpected and really welcome.  They all flirted with Moishe and made him feel the center of attention.  He thrived on it and it certainly made the fact that he’s toddling around with a bunch of wires taped into his nose and a CD walkman on his hip less traumatic. 

And then they bought us soup from Sapporo-Ya, the homemade ramen place in Japantown mall.  We all crowded into Moishe’s hospital room and took over every flat space and ate noodles together.   Others who have been hospitalized told of the same story, with visitors for every lunch, and bags of groceries and movies showing up at your house upon being discharged from the hospital.

I am overwhelmed.