You want dark? I’ll give you fucking dark.

My precious server, a machine I built by hand, did not survive the move.  It had everything on it, my Quicken with the family’s entire finances, all my unprocessed photos from Pakistan, our MP3 collection, and my entire online poker history, every hand.Image_00182

I’m not a hardware guy, so the fact that I built this machine was a real testament to doing something outside my comfort zone.  I labored over the specs and then ordered just the right motherboard and CPU.  I researched and bought the fastest RAM.  I bought quiet power supplies and CPU fans and installed them myself.  It had an awesome glow effect from the CPU fan, whose speed I could also change on demand.  I installed and spaced out the drives for maximum airflow and cooling.

I knew this would be a problem.  The dumbasses that Sarah hired to pack our shit packed my computer wrong, so I took it out and repacked it.  They also totally mispacked my clothes, but that’s another story.  I removed each drive from the CPU, packed it in bubble wrap, and placed them in one container.  I made a backup and bubble wrapped that and put it in a second box.  I then packed the motherboard and case in yet a third box and bubblewrapped that as well.

But it’s screwed, it won’t boot.  Which means I have weeks of restoring data from my backup or popping the drives into a 5.25" enclosure and removing the data from there.

This sucks.  I fucking hate moving.