Yes, this contains a family of three

Believe it or not, there’s a family of three that can live out of that collection of suitcases.  I didn’t thinkImage_00177
it was possible, but when we came out to San Jose this is all we brought.  Of course it fell apart immediately, as we started buying things we needed, like baby bottle cleaning brushes and boxes of Zicam to stave off the new concept of "day care colds".

Sarah and I also picked up a shared office across the highway from Moishe’s new day care center.  It’s pretty awesome as far as child care goes.  When he gets over the initial separation anxiety he’ll love it.  The child-caregiver ratio is great too.  Every time we’re in there it’s 3 to 5 kids per adult, which is a good number. 

Our new office is an executive office suite, and it’s pretty nice.  They even have art, though it’sImage_00176
obviously brand new.  It appears that they just bought a framed picture and hung it on the wall.  As you can see, they didn’t bother to remove the cardboard corners that protected it during shipping.

Being out here is weird, but our borrowed house is wonderful.  It’s entirely surrounded by a 7 foot fence, which makes the yard private space.  The house itself also has rooms, something our house in DC lacks.  I can go into one o the rooms and sit down and do an early morning conference call and not have to deal with noisy children.  Coming from an open plan house with so many windows that you could see what we were eating for dinner from the front step, I don’t think I can go back.

We’re rooted here in San Jose for a while though.  At least 60 days, during which we’ll unload our DC house, finish moving into our DC apartment, and then start shopping for something in San Francisco where we ultimately will end up. 

(I do not use this phrase lightly.)   

So it goes…