My wife is so hot….

So as I mentioned, we’re busily selling most all of our books and CDs on Amazon.  (Note that all sales are on temporary hiatus, as we’re too busy to ship)  We’re up to about $2,100.  Sarah has set up an assembly line in our dining room.  Early on, before I was helping, she was listing, pricing, and shipping all the stuff by herself.  In each package she’d write a little note thanking the person and asking them to leave feedback.  Today we got a feedback from someone who got one of Sarah’s notes and the book she sent.  It said,

5 out of 5:   "she has milf-like handwriting"
Date: 1/30/2007     Rated by Buyer: (name removed…)

wikipedia – MILF definition

Check out the stuff we’re selling, maybe you need something.