World Series Of Poker schedule for 2007

The WSOP schedule is out, or it’s been out for a while and I just noticed it.  Either way, it’s pretty interesting.  Since I am not, as many of you might suspect, a wildly rich man, for me to play in a $1,500 event I have to save for a few months to get the buyin together.

This year there’s several $1,500 NL no-rebuy events again, but I’m particularly entranced by a couple of non-traditional games.  One is the June 9th $2,500 HORSE event.  HORSE is a mix of games, played one per round.  It’s pretty fun, and impossible to win unless you’re a decent player or wildly lucky at 5 different games.

The other is a $1,000 SHOE event, on July 1.  It’s an amazingly small buyin, but I think that’s because they’re worried about the turnout given the mix of non-Hold’em games.  SHOE is 7-Card Stud, Hold ’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Stud Hi/Lo played one game per round.  It doesn’t say, but presumably that’s a Limit tournament.  I think that would be a ton of fun to play and not too wildly expensive.