Thoughts on my home game question

Chris, one of the hosts of my regular Friday night poker game, had an interesting perspective on the home game dilemna I mentioned previously.  We discussed it in IM today, and he authorized me to post it here. 

I was contemplating the winner’s dilemma in a game like ours.  Although I think the notion of a "high-water" mark is a myth, I agree that there is limited expected value in continuing to play against equally skilled opponents once one is up.

Except for one important benefit: practice.  In the case of our game, you have four, possibly five, players who are consistent winners at low- and middle-limit stakes in casinos.  When one considers how few players win in the long run, that is pretty impressive.  The opportunity to hone skills against them at $1/2, instead of $5/10 at the Taj, is indispensible.

Sage words, I think.