Time zones are a good thing.

I just finished up a long day. I finished at 7pm and pretty much got saved because two of the people I had to wind up projects with were in California. If they had been on the East Coast they would have already left for the day and I would have missed them until tomorrow.

Of course my tomorrow is already booked so that would have made something else late….

And that was after delegating two responsibilities to a coworker. I really don’t get people that can’t delegate. If you never clear your plate, you never get to do anything new. And if you can’t do anything new, then you might as well shoot yourself. It happens at all levels here. When I talk to prospectiive tech hires, they ask me what languages we develop in, and how I decide on them.
Decide? Are you kidding? We work in the languages the developers think is best for the client’s project. My opinion isn’t relevant. (If they did ask me I’d say Perl, but they don’t, and that’s a good thing. They’re up on trends better than I am.)

Homeword bound….I wish I was…