All hail the dog whisperer.

Of course Malcom Gladwell has written about Cesar, and Sarah’s become addicted to his show, "The Dog Whisperer", but I’d been holding out.  I saw my third episode tonight and I’m hooked too.  He reminds me a lot of Todd, our former dog trainer.

Honestly, seeing these people makes me feel less self-conscious about the problems our dogs have.  Yes, they bark at people walking by on the street, and they snarl at smaller dogs, but they don’t chew shoes, or remote controls.  They can downstay for 20 minutes with a bone from a piece of dry aged prime rib in front of them until I release them, and they’re wicked smart. 

They’re not perfect, but the techniques from Cesar’s show are pretty helpful, and I’ll be using them next time I have to discipline them.