Drunken $2/$4

I went over to Bally’s to catch up with Chris, who was crushing the low limit table and beating the rake (quite a feat). After the statistical bath he’s taken for a few days, I wanted to hang out with him and keep him company while he was winning.

But my brain hurt. I’d been concentrating for hours and just didn’t have it in me to focus. So I took out $140, bought $1 chips, kissed them goodbye, and started ordering Guinness two at a time.

Every time I raised I’m sure they heard it on the other side of the poker room. And when I played a hand for a draw against someone with a big pair, I raised it with them until they freaked out and just called me.

By the end of the night they were sure I’d play any two cards, and when I did and they hit the reaction I got was sheer awe and a little bit of the anger I’ve been seeing at the tourney tables when I punish them with my big stack.

All of this worked out great for anyone in a hand with me. I tended to pump the pot up and if I missed they won a lot.

I also tipped heavily. I flung $1 chips around like they wew free. Dealers got tipped for telling jokes, and one waittress got tipped just her gorgeous smile. I was loud and boistrous, but I was happy and slanging money around, so all the staff seemed happy to laugh and leave me be.

We wandered over to Caeser’s for 1am dinner and then crashed out at home. The cab driver on the way back home gave me a lesson on what the protocol is with those little naked lady cards the guys handing out on the street are all about, but that’s a story for another time.