Bad play makes money, worsens bad habits

I was talking to Katie last night when she convinced me to join the Party Poker 10:20pm no limit hold’em tourney.  "It’s only $22 and it’s $40,000 guaranteed!"

"I don’t think I have any money in Party", I said.

"I’ll transfer it to you, no sweat," she promised.

So I got logged on, got the transfer, and got seated in my tourney, and promptly donked off all my chips playing my worst game ever.  The minimum transfer was $50 though, so as I sat rooting her on, I decided to play a little 7 card stud at Party with the $28 I had left.  (I usually practice at Full Tilt)

The lowest game they had was a $.50/$1, which is a level above where I’m currently working.  In addition the ante on the game is high, $.25 for every hand, even if you fold it.  This was going to be a challenge; I’ve never played a high ante stud game before, how should I adjust when there’s 2 big bets in the pots before the cards even come out?

It turns out I should play my normal game at this level.  The poor quality of my opponents means that although playing tight lost me some antes, I often got paid of handsomely with the best hand, even if most of it was showing.  As I ran the $28 up to $52, I decided to call it a night. 

I went to the Cashier and tried to transfer $50 back to Katie.  No go!  You have to have a minimum balance of $100 to do a transfer.  I returned to the tables since she was still in her tourney and I was committed to watching her finish.  Katie made it into the top 500 of a 2,500 person field and went to bed.  Shortly after that my stack hit $102 and I also went to bed, after sending her back the $50 she lent me.

Though the players are awful, I have to be careful playing there.  Folding was definately a mistake against most players, which is not going to be the case at higher levels.  I have to be cautious not to conclude that this style of play is going to work as I move up.

However I think I’m ready to play 7 cad stud in a casino, which is fortunate, since I’ll be in a casino in just a few days…