$1/$2 H.O.R.S.E.

With the Big Game on hiatus I returned to Chris’ regular Friday night 1/2 game. Chris loves the rotating game, and so we play a dealer’s choice game where you can choose any of the HORSE games: hold’em, omaha, razz, 7 card stud, omaha hi/lo, or 7 card stud hi/lo.

I just scooped a massive pot in 7 stud hi/lo with a 7 hi straight three through seven. To be up by over $20 in a 1/2 game is pretty good.

On the hold’em rounds I’m practicing my Drunken Master game and nobody knows what I’m playing. I raise with both pocket kings and jack-two. Of course I only show the jack-two when it hits the one card straight, but the effect is satisfying. When I hit a hand, I always get paid off.