Why aren’t all parents pacifists?

Spoiler alert: Syriana.  Don’t read this post if you’re going to see the movie.

A few nights ago Sarah and I watched "Syriana".  Watching the child get electrocuted in the pool was horrifying.  Sarah couldn’t watch and I kept rubbing my face in my hands hoping it would be over.  As the scene ended I immediately ran upstairs where Moishe was sleeping to see that he was ok.

That reaction was nothing compared to the photo in today’s papers from the Israeli raid in southern Lebanon.  I saw a photo of two bodies in transluscent body bags, among others of children’s feet sticking out from under bedsheets, one with sailboats on them.

Perhaps this explains why I sit and watch this video of Moishe eating soup over and over again.  I took it yesterday and have watched it far more than it probably deserves, but I keep looking at him thinking how fragile he is.

Every day I re-learn the importance of my responsibility to him.