My comics diet

Although I just teased one of my colleagues about his addiction to video game collecting, I’m no better.  I live in a house full of spare computer parts and a bunch of comics.

I’ve resisted the urge to buy individual issues of comics, but I buy the compilation trade paperbacks.  I’ve found that I’m pretty comfortable juggling 7 or 8 stories at once, though I have to go back and re-read the last few pages of a compilation when a new volume comes out.

Here are the comics I’ve following right now.

The Walking Dead: Since you already know of my fascination with post-apocalyptic zombie genre, it’s no surprise I’m following this comic.  The story is good, with well-developed characters and an interesting struggle for survival.

Escape of the Living Dead: Another zombie graphic novel.  Only a few issues out so far, the trade paperback is coming out soon.  Set not on the post-apocalytpic future but in the 1970’s.

100 Bullets: The first couple of volumes were a gift to Sarah from Jen and Brad.  I read Sarah’s copies and hated them.  Then, the real story started to emerge.  A shadowy, extremely wealthy oligarchy that runs the world, headed by the Medici family.  I was hooked.

Fables: A comic that covers the "what if…" if the legends of our childhood fables lived in modern times.  The wolf, Red Riding Hood, Humpty, they’re all here and they’ve brought with them problems of their own and their various societies.  A fascinating and entertaining read in almost every volume.

Y: The Last Man: The story of a potential future where a virus wipes out almost all the men on Earth except for two, a hapless escape artist and his pet monkey.  While the story centers around these two, the real appeal of the story is the way in which the civilizations of Earth fall apart and attempt to re-assemble themselves.

30 Days Of Night: A story about vampires walking around our contemporary day.  They decide to invade a small town near the Arctic Circle where the sun sets and never rises for days on end.  Truly terrifying to consider.

DMZ: A contemporary story of what  would happen if New Jersey and several other states seceded from the US.

Loveless: A Western set in the Reconstruction era, right after the Civil War.  The main character is a man who fought for the South, spent time in a Union prison camp, and comes back to his southern hometown feeling ambivalent about both sides.