Now he’s one year old!

It’s not that I don’t love, you, but I’ve been seeing other blogs.

The baby turned one year old right before we headed to Atlantic city for a week.  You heard me right, my wife, the most fabulous woman in the world, rented us a beach house adjacent to Atlantic City, home of all things card-like.  By day we played on the beach, and at night I went and played cards.  It was a beautiful thing.  I got in some tournament practice and some cash game time.  I lost money over all for the trip even if you don’t include the tournaments I played, which I usually view as money down the drain.  But it was a lot of fun so I have no regrets.

For Ish’s birthday, Sarah managed to find a bakery that makes vegan cakes.  Since he’s still allergic to dairy we got a dairy-free carrot cake that’s really, really good.  He seemed to enjoy it.