Google Pay Per Click ads

People are slagging on the Google Pay Per Click video ads, and they’re not really even out already.  I’ll say this though, everyone that works in interactive has Google to thank for moving a $1billion a year in advertising off television and onto the web.  You ought to be a little more supportive of new endeavors, you pack of traitorous jackals.

That being said, the critique I cite has a most interesting observation.  We all know it to be true, but it’s summed up pretty well, and helps you understand why Google video is well-positioned.

[..] people don’t want to click on video ads. They don’t want to
watch this stuff at all, really. And if a company comes up with a
really cool ad, like Honda’s wonderful “Cog” ad, it’ll spread virally. They don’t need to pay users to watch it.

Too true, too true.