Another couple hours, another $100+ profit

Honestly, this is getting a little silly.  I played at the Big Game again tonight and counted four chip dumpers around me at a table of 7 people, myself included.  Avoiding the players will real card selection skills, I was still in a target rich environment.

I bullied the table all evening and finally got one guy so frustrated he tried to bluff me with a $150 bet into a $110 pot with Ten-Seven.  Never mind that I held Ace-King with a flop of King-Six-Two.  He was mad, and weirdly, I sensed it.  I also had a decent hand.  After taking his stack, he bought in again.  I called his too-small-raise for his Aces with Ten-Three of hearts, hit my flush, and he picked up his remaining chips and grumbled as he left.

I keep reminding myself that I’m not good enough to be winning this much, I’m mostly just taking advantage of other’s mistakes.  Which is important, since eventually I’m going to have to make an important decision in a pot with a good player.

It’s not a living, but it sure seems to be profitable.

Addendum: I have to add ‘dry cleaning’ to the list of unusual expenses for this game, as they allow smoking at the tables and cater to cigar smokers.  If you knew that I’m a cigar smoker, you’d think I’d be thrilled.  But I’ve had too many allergy attacks to smoke a cigar for weeks now without throwing my sinuses for a loop, and Sarah’s complaining about the fact that I reek when I get home.  It’s even worse because they have a dress code, so I’ve basically sacrificed my worst jacket to dress nicely.

Extra addendum: I called too many pre-flop $5 raises in this game.  I have to fix that next time if I want to come out +$250 instead of +$100.