Zarqawi Taunts U.S. in Video

A couple of things that hit me as I worked the 3am shift before an out of town pitch today:

  1. So we finally know what the infamous terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi looks like.  He disturbingly resembles Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) of Clerks fame.   Link: Zarqawi Taunts U.S. in Video.
  2. Zarqawi said in his latest video that: "the president [Bush] had ‘become a liar to your own people . . .you claim that everything is under control . . . and it appears afterward that you are lying."

Congratulations Dude, now you know what it’s like to be an American.  We get lied to daily by the President.  We don’t pick up assault rifles and start shooting people though, we’re clearly a little more civilized.

Also, after spending the last 6 months moderating comments on this blog because I didn’t want comment spam but I wanted to make it easy for people to comment, I’m giving up and just turning on TypeKey authentication.