Things that suck, being sick for 10 days

So for 10 days I have some sort of obnoxious intestinal flu.  And now it’s gone.  I’m six pounds lighter and a bit less energetic, but it is over thank god.

I’m posting from the Amtrak and have just switched seats with a family of two women and their two daughters.  I gave them my big four seater table and took the handicapped seat they had both kids crammed in.  They wouldn’t have asked, but no decent person would have split them up.

This handicapped table sucks though.  Never take it willingly if you have another option on the Acela.

The kids are adorable and I wish Moishe was old enough to come on this business trip with me.  I think he’d get a blast out of the train ride, and I could ask him to entertain himself for an hour while I gave my presentation, then we could go see some of the city and go back together.

If you have a chance, I hope you read the huge piece on China and Google in the NYT this past few days.  It really is amazing.