Thank your spouse today.

Sarah got the call last week that she had a number of live deals going, and so she cancelled her trip to Mexico City.  This upset her greatly, and upset her dear friend in Mexico City probably more.  So Sarah put her head down and started working.  And working.  And working.

By Sunday night she figured she’d put in a 70 hour week.  Before the baby I would have felt a bit neglected, but with the baby it’s a whole different ballgame.  Since he’s got high seperation anxiety right now, he won’t let anyone else hold him except Sarah, myself, and the nanny.  So except for when Sarah took breaks this weekend from her work, I basically held him, played with him, fed him, or put him to sleep.

This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy our time together.  We looked at books in Barnes and Noble, we ate at Mama Lucia’s, we had Friday Boys Only Night Out at the Brazilian BBQ with my brother in law Tom.  We did all sorts of things.  But at the end of the day it can get tiring to do nothing else all day except keep a 9 month old happy.  And so I am weary.

It is this morning, as I told people the story, that I started to realize just how much Sarah and I support each other in child rearing.  The fact that taking care of Ish is such a joy shows that we clearly both act as a buffer for each other, covering each other when we’re tired.

I honestly don’t know how my single-parent friends pulled this off.  They are obviously made of tougher stuff than I.