Slowly but surely, the big brands are letting go of their icons….and loving it.

I love this campaign:

Burger King was initially leery of Heavy’s proposal that it send
masks of the king character to two dozen of the site’s regular
contributors. And rather than permitting the company and its lawyers to
approve each video, Mr. Assaad asked the company to keep its hands off.

said, ‘Legal will have nothing to do,’ " Mr. Assaad said. " ‘It will be
user-generated content, and you will have to trust our editorial
judgment.’ "

[..]But the ones that were shown on Heavy were certainly
more risqué than is typical for Burger King.

One video showed
what seemed to be a scantily dressed woman flirting with the viewer
over a Webcam. As she removed her bra, she revealed herself to be a man
wearing a king mask, holding up a sign that said, "You’ve been served
by the king."

Your audience knows what’s best.  The question is, do you really want to hear it?

Link: A Web Site So Hip It Gets Laddies to Watch the Ads – New York Times.