Random memory of the day

Sarah and I honeymooned in Cuba.  We were just talking about, reminiscing about the craziness that was that trip when she reminded me about the movies they showed on tv.  She remembered that every time we were at someone’s house and they had the TV on, there was a good chance they were showing Jaws, the Spielberg terror flick about the marauding shark.

It wasn’t until now that I made the connection: the typical way people leave Cuba without a visa, since it’s an island, is by water.  They actually try to swim miles by themselves, or build makeshift boats and take them to try and get to Cancun.  Reinforcing and exaggerating the dangers of sharks serves as some convenient propaganda.  It’s probably doubly effective because it’s from America, the very source of the freedom the Cubans so dearly crave.

If you’re having a rough day, consider how lucky you are that you weren’t born in Cuba…