It’s 11pm, do you know where your company’s biggest cheerleader is?

I woke up this morning at 4:30am, took the baby away from the bed since he was keeping Sarah up, then showered and flew to another city, did a client conference call discreetly from inside a Borders books, did a client pitch for two hours (wowed them!), and then flew home.  Because of time zones and flights and a horrendous downpour in this unnamed city I finally ended back at BWI at 10pm.  My coworkers and I climbed into cars for the ride home.  Am I exhausted?

No, I’m pumped, and that’s the weirdest thing.  I’m on my laptop on the way home, answering e-mail, demoing my coworker the cool AJAX demo project I did, and planning my day tomorrow.  I’m envisioning in my head all the cities I want to go to in the next few months, and all the pitches I want to do.  All the proposals I’m going to write, and all the cool work we’re going to get to do.

I should be exhausted, but I’m energized.  I think this happens every time we go through a growth spurt at work.