WSOP 2006

So I’ve been perusing the World Series of Poker schedule for 2006 and have noticed there’s something fascinating.  There are low cost tournaments at both ends of the month of poker.  I was going to go for a week and was thinking I would go from June 25th through July 2nd.  I figured I’d play one of the smaller events and some satellites.  But now I notice the brilliance of the scheduling.  As the main event ends, the large ballroom of the Rio empties out.  They’ve scheduled several $1,500 tournaments for that last week.  It might be cool to see the main event.  In the meantime that ballroom is full of players.

I’d like to stay for the Omaha hi-lo tournament, but Katie’s pointed out that it’s probably really stiff competition.  My odds aren’t as good, even though Omaha/8 is probably my best game.

I don’t have any fantasies about being on par with most of the players there.  But poker is my golf, and so I am excited to go play with some real stiff competition.