Web 3.0

Funny, but this essay from ‘A List Apart’ by Jeff Zeldman perfectly identifies my fatigue and impatience with people who become technology cheerleaders.  People become enamored with a phrase, with no real understanding of the technology, and proceed to repeat it like a mantra.  I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time gritting my teeth while said phrase is in vogue.

Until the next well-coined phrase comes along.

‘But nothing, not even the rants of political bloggers, was as
exciting as the scent of money. As the first properly valued “Web 2.0”
properties began to find buyers, a frenzy like the old one popped
hideously back to life. Yahoo spent how much? Google bought what? Here
was real blood in the water.


But how to persuade the other
sharks in the tank that this blood feast was different from the
previous boom-and-bust? Easy: Dismiss everything that came before as
“Web 1.0.” ‘

Link: A List Apart: Articles: Web 3.0.