Police fight crime with games

"According to the Daily Record, a new scheme was recently launched in
the Moredun area of the city to combat anti-social behaviour through
the power of games.

The local library has been hosting weekly
PS2 gaming contests, and hoodies and happyslappers have been flocking
to compete with police officers at the likes of Gran Turismo 3, Tiger
Woods Golf and Pro Evolution Soccer – once they’ve worked out what a
library is, of course."

This reminds me of the night basketball programs that are designed to give kids something to do when they’d otherwise be out causing trouble.

If the videogame industry were smart, they’d be throwing demo copies of new games at this program to give the cops even more reason to get kids to hang out with them instead of being in trouble.

Link: News – Police fight crime with games // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer.