One of my many poker weaknesses

I appear to enjoy playing in games where the other players are better than I am.  I’ve noticed that I routinely play above the levels where I’m a favorite, while staying within my bankroll.  (ie I’m smart enough to not risk the mortgage payment, but not smart enough to play against weaker players.)

It occurred to me as I sat in this $5/$10 Omaha hi/lo game where you pretty much had to be holding the nuts to get at a pot.  I sat and thought, "I’m the weakest player here."  Then I proceeded to sit and play some more, thinking, "Hey, if I can’t learn something playing at this table, I’m doing something wrong."

Indeed I learned a lot, though I lost my buyin.  And it didn’t really bother me that much.  I think it was just an expensive poker lesson.  That’s going to play havoc with any attempt at profitability.  I assume that when I get bored with losing money I’ll drop down a few levels.