Cruise ship Britons attacked by pirates – Sunday Times – Times Online

From 1650 to 1750 in the Caribbean, piracy was a growth business.  Although it paid terribly, there were thousands of men flocking to it as an occupation, or in some cases being pressed into it. Historically it wasn’t a fair fight.  The pirates carried more guns and men than the ships they targeted.  They were also significantly faster.

The pirates of today don’t try and match their targets for size, they
try for simply outgunning them.  The Atlantic Monthly carried a story
of such modern day pirates several months ago, talking about the technique of having an armed commando team board a cargo freighter and taking it easily.

Fast forward to today.  Somalia has become a lawless state, and given
it’s key location in the gulf, a favorite launching point for pirates.
This past week a luxury cruise ship was targeted.  They actually
repelled them without guns though.  They had a sonic boom generator
which deterred their pursuers long enough for them to change course and
accelerate away.

Cruise ship Britons attacked by pirates – Sunday Times – Times Online.