Being married to a poker player

Thomas ‘Thunder’ Keller is a young player who won a World Series of Poker event this year only days after getting married.  He interviews his wife on what it’s like ot be married to a professional poker player in this two part series.  My favorite quote: When you go through big swings, I go through…

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With friends like these…

About two weeks ago we had politically astute friends over for dinner and the subject of Harriet Miers came up.  "She’ll withdraw her nomination, they’ll make some excuse about family obligations" I prognosticated.  "But she has no family!" my friends replied.  "Good point, but it will be an excuse of some sort.  People who insult the egos of Senators don’t get a pass, even with a note from the White House."

So I was half right.

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Creative Technology profits plummet

My reporter friend Aaron Pressman was good enough to feed my schadenfreud by sending along this note about Creative Technology, which makes MP3 players that pretend to compete with the IPod.

Chief Executive Sim Wong Hoo told an
analysts’ conference that Creative won’t aggressively seek a greater share of
the MP3 market. He also said the company is willing to let market share fall to
help Creative improve financial results by the end of 2005 — a shift from last
November, when Mr. Sim unveiled a $100 million marketing campaign he predicted
would give Creative a 40% share of the MP3 market.

I predicted this one
several months back.

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Using a tablet PC to play online poker

One of my readers asks me about using a tablet pc to play online poker. 

I see you’re a poker player too… have you used your Tablet PC with
any of the online real-money sites, and if so did it work well for
that? Was it easy to place bets correctly, especially in no-limit with
the "slider" controls on screen? I’m looking at buying a tablet for the
sole purpose of online poker. Thanks in advance!

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Congratulate Katie today!

It’s her birthday today, she’s building an amazing new resource about tuberculosis, and last night she won third place in a large 800 person poker tournament, netting her $6,900.  She didn’t even hold it against me that my coaching resulted in her being put out in third place.  (I’m an impulsive no limit player)

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No Sunday’s papers today

Sarah and I had friends over for bagels and then walked the baby all over town to art museums.  Only today (Monday) am I starting to get to the NYT Sunday magazine.  I’m postponing reading the article about why the world is running out of fish. 

Clearly the situation would be helped if places like Cafe Japone in Dupont Circle would stay open.  Their sushi on Saturday night was so past its prime that I couldn’t finish my meal.  A few more Cafe Japones in the world and sushi consumption will start to decline.

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Fake $100 bills pouring into Baltimore

Ever see a cashier receive a hundred dollar bill, and check it with a swipe of a marker to see if it wasFake100 real?  Well, some clever counterfeiters have figured out how to fool the magic counterfeit detector marker.

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DC Powerball is now a statistical gain

I’m a great believer in gambling according to odds.  I don’t play blackjack, though I would if I knew how to count cards well enough to tip the odds in my favor.  I don’t play roulette, or any of the other hosue edge games.  I play poker for the challenge of playing against other players, hopefully, weaker players, where my edge is largest.

And I don’t play the lottery.  Unless it’s statistically an advantage.  Allow me to explain.

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Some photos missing, TypePad service is to blame

Some of my photo links are broken, because TypePad had a disk crash of some sort that they couldn’t recover from, and it turns out their backups either suck, or hadn’t run after I had uploaded the photos. Color me pissed.  Now I’ve got to spend time finding those photos.

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