Why, blog more you say?

Yeah, I’ve been busy.  Oddly, I’m really sleepy by 9pm at night.  At 9pm last night I started a poker tournament and by 11pm I was nearly dropping my head on the table. 

I don’t think its the baby.  I sleep through the night and Sarah more or less does.  The baby sleeps with us and Sarah nurses when he wakes up.  There are no 3am crying jags, no getting up and walking the baby around to calm him.  I know this sounds like we don’t really have an infant, but I guess we got lucky.

So I’m going to blog vicariously through Sarah, who has conveyed our experience at a raw food place in San Francisco perfectly in this entry from her blog about
Cafe Gratitude.  Read it and learn.  If you’re near a raw food place, it’s definately worth a try.

My only comment is that I didn’t think the cakes tasted exactly the same as cooked cakes.  Otherwise everything she says is exactly as I remember it.