One of those choices

I recently said to Sarah and Jennifer that you are infrequently presented with choices in life that define who you are.  The choices you make leave their fingerprints on your very soul.  I don’t mean to be all new-agey about it.  Make the wrong choice and you will turn it over in your head every night for the rest of your life, trying to fall asleep.

This is the story of someone with such a choice.

This is the story of a New Orleans police officer who left his post and went to rescue his 103 year old grandmother and 76 year old mother from a hospital.  He left and moved them to a relative’s home, but returned too late for roll call.  As his supervisor said, "it was very noble and honorable to take care of my
grandmother, but if I was not at roll call in 10 minutes, I was fired."

I agree that it would be problematic for all the NOLA police force to suddenly take off and care for their families when they would be at work.  In this case, Officer Mitchell had to live with his decision.  And he won’t regret that decision for the rest of his life.

Link: For One New Orleans Police Officer, a Terrible Choice (Washington Post)