Tearfully but Forcefully, Israel Removes Gaza Settlers – New York Times

Holocaust historians often complain that as World War 2 fades from history, every new generation is less and less familiar with the atrocities of the Nazis.  This is a valid concern, every  new generation will find that the horrors of the Holocaust carry less weight because they are more distant in history.

However such lessons also lose their power when we cheapen them.  Throughout the coverage of the Gaza resettlement I’ve seen Jews objecting by making analogies that draw parallels of Sharon and the Gaza resettlement to Nazism.  Here’s only one example from the NYT:

‘In one house, a settler who had thrown eggs at soldiers and journalists
was one of the last to go. His door had a poster from the Nazi era,
implying that Israel was making Gaza a "Jewish-free" zone. He wore an
orange Star of David on his shirt, marked "Jude," German for Jew. When
his wife finally agreed to leave the house, all her children left with
their arms up, screaming in unison, all wearing an orange star, a piece
of theater for the television cameras.’

I can appreciate that forcibly being removed from your home may feel
like you live in a fascist state, but is that really comparable to a
regime that conducted genocide and almost wiped out your entire race?
Does it really honor the ancestors who died to use their murderers as stalking horses in every debate about Jewish policy disputes?

Tearfully but Forcefully, Israel Removes Gaza Settlers – New York Times.