San Francisco

You know, on Animal Farm the pigs finally got their comeuppance.  I try to remember that when I seeShot_by_aug_8_049 someone try and park in a space too small for them here on the streets of the Mission in San Francisco, and block us in our driveway.

We’re housesitting for acquaintances here, and they’ve left us a couple
of cars and off street parking.  I have to say, this is about as
luxurious as it gets.  A newly remodeled kitchen, the use of two cars,
a decent book collection, it’s all quite fab.  Our duties are to take
care of the house, a dog, and two cats.  The cats were quite a surprise
to us, since we didn’t know and Sarah’s allergic, but it’s been ok. 

I like the dog.  He’s of the opinion that cats aren’t worthy to be in
the same room as him, and he chases them out of any rooom he’s in.

We spend a lot of time with the dog.

If you’re in the San Francisco/San Jose area, let me know.  We are in
San Jose a lot (that’s where grandma is) so we’ll come lunch with you.