My first full day back

Rock_date_001_1So it’s my first full day back from "paternity leave".  I’ve been calling it "maternity leave", only to have Sarah correct my gender choice for the phrase.  I only beg to differ because "paternity leave" sounds like someone forced me to take responsibility for a child I was denying was actually mine.  But here, in front of all of you, I admit it.  Sarah is my baby momma.

She’s also a pretty fearless rock climber.  I’m trying out a new activity, which I’ll call "surpriseRock_date_014_1 adventure dates", for lack of a better word.  People with kids talk about how they need to get out more, both physically and mentally.  Relationship counselors talk about couples needing to experience new things together to keep themselves fresh and exciting.  (We haven’t seen such a counselor, but I’m certainly not ignorant of the profession.)

So, hence the surprise adventure date.  I want it to be something that’s really new to both of us, preferably something that we’d never think to do, and something that takes a little preparation.  That prep makes for a perfect surprise.  Much like someone presenting you a full picnic basket, having someone prepare an adventure for you, where you’re role is to just show up and enjoy yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone who has a "go with the flow" personality type.

Of course, if you’re dating a control freak, that’s a recipe for utter misery.  But then, if you haven’tRock_date_008_1 figured out your date’s Myers-Briggs personality type (or know these traits about their personality), you’re pretty much just asking for trouble.

So off we went rock climbing.  The day before she demanded to know how to dress (a reasonable request) so I told her, we locked up an aunt to babysit, and off we went to a climbing gym in the outskirts of San Jose for our private lesson with a former competitive climber and accomplished teacher.  An hour after we started our belay lesson we were on the wall, and Sarah was working on her fear of heights with me holding the rope.  On the last wall we tried she made it an extra handhold above where I had been able to achieve.  And though she said she was still afraid of heights, you couldn’t tell that from the way she traversed a corner wall.

It was awesome fun, and so I’m ready to set up the next surprise adventure date.  I’ve got to spaceRock_date_007_1 them out though, because in about 6 months I think I’m going to start casting about for new activities.  Sarah hasn’t exactly led a sheltered life and so there’s a lot of stuff I know she’s already done.  And I’m not sure I want my baby momma BASE jumping.