The latest adhocracy: Iraqi insurgency

From Wikipedia: "Adhocracy is the absence of hierarchy and is therefore the opposite of bureaucracy."

Adhocracy is a concept that existed before the Internet and will exist long after the Net is gone.  It’s currently at work today in Iraq, and it would behoove you to read conservative journalist Michael Yon’s essay today on why so many people have so much to gain from the continuing chaos in Iraq.  (Read "Empty Jars", by Michael Yon)



If you read the article and still think the "insurgency" is one
organization, or that it’s about religion, you’re just not paying

Today, the terrorists and their more populous criminal cousins in Iraq
have a great deal in common, including the goal of forcing the new
government to fail in its mission to secure the borders and restore and
maintain order.

The terrorists have been trying to–with good
success–cripple the macro-economy by destroying pipelines and
infrastructure, and these attacks help the criminals. Attacks on gas
stations, for instance, disaffect the citizenry from the government,
while giving black-marketers transient fuel monopolies.

good money to be made in chaos.

We can no longer validly claim to be at war with Islamofascists, but
are also now engaged in a war with common criminals, who think there is
more money to be made in the lawless chaos than in a society organized
by the rule of law.  Except for the fact that maintaining law and order
was our responsibility in the first place when we invaded Iraq (something this Administration will never admit to), this
criminal element is no different than what you find in Mendellin,
Bogota, Tijuana, etc…