She’s married to Harpo

Img_4380Apparently I haven’t been resting enough.  On Saturday morning I completely crashed out on the couch and Sarah and her mom took care of me.  I basically didn’t move from that spot for 48 hours, and then came down with laryngitis, losing my voice.

But I really didn’t know how bad it was until Sarah came down with it yesterday.   

I spent most of the day trying to stay in touch with the office via e-mail and IM, since my ability to speak on the phone is pathetic.  Since I’m not supposed to whisper, I just kept my mouth shut, IM’ing Sarah or pantomiming what I was trying to say.  She got aggravated after a while and said it was like being married to Harpo Marx.

I did do one thing productive.  I have a computer I built that’s really loud, and so I ordered a Zalman quiet fan and installed it onto the motherboard today.  It’s got a blue LED on it, and a monster heat sink fan that’s four times as big as actual CPU its trying to keep cool.

I’m going to try and stay out of the office, since I’m really afraid I’m contagious.  At least one person at work has developed what I have, so I”m worried I’m not safe to be around others.