Last night’s $.5/$1 session

Last night’s $.5/$1 session was good, though sleepiness took away some of the gains I made early in the session, I still came out ahead yesterday.  Here’s the blow by blow.

136 hands, VP$IP: 16.91%, Won $ when saw the flop: 26%, Saw flop (not a blind): 15%, Went o showdown: 44%, won money at showdown: 46.6%

Small blind: played AQo, A3o, KTo, and Q3s.  Although the Q3s and the A3o were weak hands, I called them with odds, at least according to Hilger, and got away from them when they didn’t hit anything.

Early position: ATs and KQo.  These hands were ok, but the ATs was an underdog on the flop I flopped a 10 but no Ace, and yet I kept drawing to hit.  In multiway pots, I need to learn to let these go, because I may not be good even when my Ace hits.

The KQo flopped a rag board with a pair and two suits.  Because the pot was so big, I paid a bet to keep drawing, not realizing that with that many people in, the flushes were out there, as well as the trips.  My goal of drawing to top pair was without a doubt going to be at least second or third best hand.  Definately should have folded it.

Middle position: AKo, AJs, AJo, ATs, A4s, KQo, 88, 22.  I broke the rules and raised the AJo from middle position, betting hard on the flop and turn and taking down the pot before the river.  Hilger says to raise it only if you’re first in, but the table was a little short (7 players) so I deviated and it paid off.  I also raised my 88 preflop, and blew 2.5 big bets on that adventure as well.

Late position: I played 7 total hands: AKo, AQo, ATs, KTo, QTo (from the button), TT, and T9s.  The tens I should have raised preflop.  The ATs (hand below) was a dream hand.  The best part about it is that I knew I was beat by a flush on the turn, but assuming I was going to get at least one bet on the river, I had the odds to draw to my four potential outs for my full house.  Little did I know that one of my aces was dead already, making my draw statistically unlikely given the amount in the pot.

Here are my misplayed 10’s from late position.  I definately should have raised before the flop, and then let them go to the scary board and the raiser.

***** Hand History for Game 2188514112 *****
$0.5/$1 Hold’em – Saturday, June 11, 00:51:40 EDT 2005
Table Table  32371 (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 1: blaze428 ( $22.37 )
Seat 4: NGaged ( $24.98 )
Seat 5: dsanches ( $45 )
Seat 6: robb34 ( $42.96 )
Seat 10: Shabbir ( $33.52 )
Seat 7: samdukie ( $32 )
Seat 8: HockeyRulez ( $21.25 )
Seat 9: qqqq788 ( $0 )
Seat 3: MeatChef ( $22 )
NGaged posts small blind [$0.25].
dsanches posts big blind [$0.5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Shabbir [  Td Ts ]
robb34 calls [$0.5].
qqqq788 has left the table.
samdukie folds.
HockeyRulez folds.
Shabbir calls [$0.5].
blaze428 folds.
MeatChef folds.
NGaged folds.
dsanches checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 7s, Jc, 9s ]
dsanches checks.
robb34 checks.
Shabbir bets [$0.5].
dsanches raises [$1].
robb34 calls [$1].
Shabbir calls [$0.5].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 9d ]
dsanches bets [$1].
robb34 folds.
Shabbir calls [$1].
** Dealing River ** [ Ah ]
dsanches bets [$1].
Shabbir calls [$1].
dsanches shows [ 8c, Tc ] a straight, seven to jack.
Shabbir doesn’t show [ Td, Ts ] two pairs, tens and nines.
dsanches wins $8.25 from  the main pot  with a straight, seven to jack.

And here’s my ATs that hit a full house to beat the flush I knew had hit on the turn.

***** Hand History for Game 2186398039 *****
$0.5/$1 Hold’em – Friday, June 10, 17:59:01 EDT 2005
Table Capuccino (Real Money)
Seat 8 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 1: skogtroll ( $52.75 )
Seat 2: Blayzelee ( $48.88 )
Seat 3: csd1955 ( $81 )
Seat 5: CanadianAmy ( $17.37 )
Seat 9: MELLOVELL ( $26.5 )
Seat 10: aarchie ( $15 )
Seat 8: Shabbir ( $23.75 )
Seat 6: HTW1PAT ( $25 )
Seat 7: lagwagon18 ( $25 )
skogtroll posts small blind [$0.25].
Blayzelee posts big blind [$0.5].
HTW1PAT posts big blind [$0.5].
lagwagon18 posts big blind [$0.5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Shabbir [  Ac Tc ]
csd1955 folds.
CanadianAmy calls [$0.5].
HTW1PAT checks.
lagwagon18 checks.
Shabbir calls [$0.5].
skogtroll calls [$0.25].
Blayzelee checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Ah, Ts, 6h ]
skogtroll checks.
Blayzelee checks.
CanadianAmy checks.
HTW1PAT bets [$0.5].
lagwagon18 calls [$0.5].
Shabbir raises [$1].
skogtroll folds.
Blayzelee calls [$1].
CanadianAmy folds.
HTW1PAT calls [$0.5].
lagwagon18 calls [$0.5].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2h ]
Blayzelee checks.
HTW1PAT bets [$1].
lagwagon18 folds.
Shabbir calls [$1].
Blayzelee calls [$1].
** Dealing River ** [ Ad ]
Old_Longears has joined the table.
Blayzelee checks.
HTW1PAT bets [$1].
Shabbir raises [$2].
Blayzelee calls [$2].
Old_Longears has left the table.
HTW1PAT calls [$1].
Shabbir shows [ Ac, Tc ] a full house, Aces full of tens.
Blayzelee doesn’t show [ 4h, As ] three of a kind, aces.
HTW1PAT doesn’t show [ Jh, 8h ] a flush, ace high.
Shabbir wins $15.25 from  the main pot  with a full house, Aces full of tens.