What you should read in Sunday’s papers

The following articles  in Sunday’s papers are worth reading online, if you missed them in print.  If you like this feature, make a comment in the Comments area and I’ll keep doing it on Sundays.

  • The Hope of DC’s Aproned Ranks
    (WP): Next time you’re somewhere paying $19 for an entree of scallops
    you could have cooked yourself at home, you might become curious about
    the person who prepared them for you.  This excellent article traces a
    few days in the lives of two of DC’s 36,000 some food service workers
    working at a trendy new restaurant.  The sad part of the article is the
    fact that although these men work extremely hard, they have no health
    care either for themselves or their kids.  The underappreciated part,
    in my opinion, is the fact that one of them owns a condo in Anacostia,
    proof that there is more housing in DC than people care to admit.
  • How Do You Cure A Broken Heart? (WP):
    April Witt’s story of how emotional trauma can cause the heart to
    physically weaken was told around the narrative of a woman who lost her
    daughter in a tragic water taxi tragedy in Baltimore and then succumbed
    to chest pains.  Eventually recovering, her doctors were hot on the
    trail of the physical signs of heart weakening caused by emotional
    trauma.  The story of the young couple about to be engaged drowning
    together while their parents survived had me in tears.
  • Card Stud: (NYT) This profile of Daniel Negreanu is excellent, and gives you a good feeling about what its like to be a successful professional poker player.  He makes it look very easy, though, which isn’t really true.  Its very hard, which engendered the catch phrase, "Its the hardest way to make an easy living."