Holy crap!

Where did the time go?  Did I really go 8 days without a blog update?

Tracey, a dear friend, and my sister Sam threw us a baby shower two Saturdays ago.  The "No cute onesies" rule was adhered to and they tossed us the kind of adult bacchanalia you expect out of the Safdar household.  Much liquor was consumed (but not by the mother to be), much smoke was inhaled, and the next morning I found myself picking up random items of women’s clothing that were discarded on the way into the hot tub. 

I consider this an overwhelming success.  As parties, go, it rocked.

I then got to spend all of two days at work before two clients required
my presence last week in New York.  I didn’t even return to DC, since
Sarah and I had planned a joint beach/poker trip to Atlantic City.  I
went straight from NYC to Philly, where Sarah had driven to meet me and
I took us the rest of the way to AC.

This was a momentous trip, as I have never brought Sarah on a poker
trip with me.  The potential was big, should we pull it off
successfully.  If I could bring Sarah on a poker trip without boring
her then my hobby would no longer equate to time away from her.

The proximity of the beach was a huge factor.  Even though it was cold
on the Jersey shore, Sarah spent one day working in the cafe of the
Borgata on their free wireless, and another day just hanging around the
beach and boardwalk outside the Tropicana.  The last few hours that she
worked at the Borgata, she actually worked from the lounge outside the
poker room.  The free wireless was strong, an outlet was handy, and the
chairs were comfy.   I played from about noon to 8pm, at which point
dinner commenced.

I think this was wildly successful, and I’m hopeful we’ll do it again.